Art and Artefacts Division

Yalanji Arts

Yalanji Arts provides support and advocacy for local Yalanji artists, assisting in their development through ongoing training and the marketing of their work to regional and national galleries. Yalanji Arts comprise exciting, emerging artists whose work reflects and celebrates the connection between traditional culture and contemporary life.

Fine art currently being developed through Yalanji Arts includes contemporary original prints and drawings, paintings, cast bronze sculpture, ceramics and designer jewellery. Unique and vibrant printed fabric is made into a range of clothing and soft furnishing products, while individually crafted smaller pieces include products made from rainforest timber and locally found seeds, and art- based cards and stationery items. Our timber-craft workers are currently developing a range of furniture pieces from reclaimed timber.

As you look around the Mossman Gorge Visitors Centre Gallery you will see that a lot of the artwork is made by Yalanji Arts. This is valuable exposure for our artists and their work, and acts as a stepping stone to the more recognised fine art markets.

Other items have been made using designs from Kuku Yalanji community artists. In the future it is hoped that all work will be made by Kuku Yalanji artists to fulfil the original cultural sharing vision of the community. Yalanji Arts also exhibits in other regional galleries and has participated in Cairns Indigenous Art Fair since 2009. More examples of the work of the Yalanji Arts team can be seen by going to the Yalanji Arts website.

For a detailed schedule of upcoming exhibitions please refer to the Yalanji Arts website calendar of events, or if you have something specific in mind please contact our Art Centre via the online contact form.