Advocacy & Representation

Services in this category broadly include:

  • Attending meetings and functions to represent the interest of the Mossman Gorge community
  • Presenting submissions to secure resources for specific projects and needs
  • Lobbying on government and agency policy, policy direction and delivery
  • Facilitation of the coordinated delivery of effective services
  • Entering into Agreements and Contracts on behalf of the community

These services are the scope of the Management Committee and the Chief Executive Officer.

The current Chief Executive Officer is Petersen Opio. Any enquiries about the operation of BBNI should be directed to the CEO, for details see the Contact Us form. Current elected Management Committee.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Unit is primarily focused on providing financial and administration services internally to the other BBNI business units. However, it also provides some services external to the organisation itself, in the form of services to the community and community organisations. Notably these include a post office function, auspicing grants and keeping of financial records for accepted community organisations.

Auspice Arrangements

BBNI currently acts as auspice for the Community Justice Group in Mossman.
If you are a local community group that requires a partner to manage your financial function then please contact us with details. Please note that we have strict requirements that apply to this arrangement and these must be adhered to, to ensure the propriety of the project and protect BBNI interests. A fee may be charged for this service.

Community Development

Community Development provides services to the community to facilitate better health, life skills and general wellbeing. They also interact with various Government departments which provide services to the Community, see other service providers for more details.
The main area of this department is currently Indigenous Community Links - a service linking Community members to Government agencies.

Indigenous Community Links (ICL) – Linking you to Services

ICL provides Indigenous clients with information and supported referrals to a range of local Indigenous, and other, community services and programs. In doing so ICL aims to provide our indigenous clients with lasting improvements in their social, health and financial well being.

In support of the referral service, free internet access and assistance is provided to ICL clients with the aim of helping clients develop skills to empower themselves. ICL staff can assist with applications for housing, preparing your income tax return, or guide how to write your resume.

The Mossman Gorge office is open between the hours of 8.30am to 4.00pm, business days.

Phone: (07) 4098 1305

Asset Management

This unit manages community housing, buildings and lands on behalf of the Mossman Gorge community. Services cover lease, contract, facilities rental and tenancy management.

BBNI has a comprehensive Housing Policy & Procedures Manual that incorporates provisions of the Residential Tenancy Act, 2008. We endeavour to offer a clear and concise directive for all our tenants to facilitate harmonious living within the Gorge Community.

In the future it is proposed to offer home ownership options to Mossman Gorge Community Residents.

Enterprise Management

This unit provides services to assist in the assessment and development of existing and potential enterprise areas.

The most significant operations presently being assisted by the Enterprise Development Unit are the Art and Artefacts Division (Yalanji Arts) and the Yalanji Nursery.