About Us

Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku Inc. (BBNI) is the association that advocates and represents for the Mossman Gorge Community and looks forward towards gaining a sustainable future for them.

With government assistance, over the years BBNI has been able to employ and train local people within the community in positions across finance, administration, horticulture and land care, hospitality and tourism, and landscaping roles, as well as the delivery of Arts Development programs. (read more.....)

BBNI History

BBNI was formally incorporated in 1984 so as to better represent community interests via an Incorporated Association. This enabled projects that required funding to be conducted and gainful steps to be taken towards employing and training the community. The Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) was introduced and various activities commenced. Community members began to work both within the Community and for mainstream employers– could expand this……finished 2009 etc

Community Plan

In 2001 BBNI partnered with James Cook University, Rainforest CRC and many other contributors, to research and document the Mossman Gorge Community’s aims for the future, and the Mossman Gorge Community-Based Planning Project Bama Bubu Nganjin Juna Ngajal (Bama Bubu Sees the Future – The Community Plan) was presented. The Community Plan covered Land and Resource Management; Community (Social values/housing/health/culture/services); Business, Employment and Education; and summarised approaches that could be taken to achieve the desires and aspirations of the community.

A main focus that was apparent in the plan was the need for the community to become sustainable, both economically and culturally. A way to educate the tourist visitors about Kuku Yalanji culture and provide employment for local people, and reduce the impact of uncontrolled visitation to important Kuku Yalanji places was devised. A long journey began and many achievements have been realised, with some yet to come to fruition. One of these achievements has been the collaboration between Indigenous Land Corporation and BBN which has resulted in the development of the Mossman Gorge Centre (MGVC).