Vanessa CannonCurrently there are 12 artists working 3 – 4 days per week at the Art Shed in Mossman Gorge. These artists are funded by the Federal Government as part of an initiative to empower, employ and train Indigenous people. Community artists are also encouraged to take part in training. Programs are designed to develop technical and conceptual understanding as well as to encourage understanding of the broader aspects of the arts industry eg. Money business; intellectual/moral and copy right issues; and exhibition preparation.

As most of the artists who are employed by BBN Inc. as art workers are young and emerging, the day to day focus is on the exploration and experimentation of different approaches to art making. While acknowledging that their work is informed by traditional Yalanji culture and the environment, artists are encouraged to push their understanding and technical skills to develop a contemporary and expressive approach to visually articulating their ideas.

To achieve this, an annual training plan is devised and skilled creative professionals employed, to deliver intensive training in different media and art processes. Through regular open review sessions of their work, participation in exhibitions and visits to galleries in Cairns, the artists are developing a capacity to critically analyse their own work and that of their peers.