Mossman Gorge Centre

Mossman Gorge (MGC) is the result of ideas fostered many years ago by the Mossman Gorge Community and Community Rangers and developed by BBNI. The Centre itself now represents a long-term collaboration between the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) and the Mossman Gorge Community.

Apart from the obvious reason of employment on their doorstep, two of the main reasons behind the idea for the Mossman Gorge Centre were the desire to relocate tourist car parking away from the community and to offer an alternative mode of transport down to the Mossman Gorge National Park. As the road to the Park cuts directly through the Mossman Gorge Community, and approximately 300,000 visitors were monitored passing through, there was a definite need to safeguard the community. This has resulted in the boom-gate you see today. With the car park was also planned the relocation of the BBNI tourism operation.

The Centre provides local employment and training opportunities that allow movement away from welfare dependency and its associated issues. Although the Centre itself is still relatively new (opening in 2012) it is anticipated that in the future it will become host to local indigenous management, and indeed ownership, and thus provide a path to a sustainable future for the Mossman Gorge Community and all local Kuku Yalanji people. The Mossman Gorge Centre is tangible proof that if you work hard you can get what you wish for!

The MGC Gallery is a place to showcase the distinctive artwork of Kuku Yalanji. Yalanji Arts has expanded to attempt to meet this demand and the Gallery now shows only Yalanji work. This in turn provides additional local jobs for Yalanji artists and artisans, and we appreciate the support that visitors have shown by purchasing our work. We encourage you to visit the Gallery and take a little bit of our culture home with you.

To take a tour with Kuku Yalanji guides through our country please contact the MGC directly.

Phone: (07) 4099 7000